Voice-Over Casting Online

If you’re a voice actor looking for an online voice casting site that produces results, you need to look into The Voice Realm. Nobody is paying me to say this and I don’t have any stake in the company. I’m simply a home studio voice actor that has tried many voice-over casting sites over the years, and this is my favorite.

Blah blah personal stuff:

Recently, I’d become a bit lazy and wasn’t auditioning every day as I should. And when I did audition, I rushed through them just to get them done. This of course led to a dry spell in actual voice work, and bummed me out a bit. Last week I decided to make auditioning a priority again; actually turning off the outside world, going into my home studio, and concentrating on only one thing: Getting voice-over jobs. And you know what? The more you put into auditioning, the more opportunities you’ll have. “Duh, Dave.” I know.

Sometimes I forget. You don’t need to be first to audition. You just need to give it your best. You can’t be thinking, “Oh, Tosh.O is on in 15 minutes. I’ll just crank these auditions out really quick.” No. I’ve been doing this for so long that I started to lose my passion for it. The audition IS the job!  Apparently, I just needed to be reminded of that.

So, after about a month of silence in my inbox (except for the occasional “Shortlist” notices that never converted to paid voice jobs), giving auditioning my full attention and acting like they were real paid gigs resulted in an email explosion of real paid work over the last few days.


I need to constantly remind myself:  You don’t have to be first to audition.  You don’t need to have the best voice. You just need to give it YOUR best and the work will come. Voice-overs may have only been a secondary income for me for the last 8 years, but I’ve now stopped thinking of them as such. By this time next year, they will be my primary source of income.  And happiness.  😉

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