Expo Milano 2015

A new QUIDOS animation, this time for Expo Milano 2015,
The topic: Feeding the Planet in 2050.

The KTOs from Universities within the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles work together as part of the LIEU Network. By cooperating in this way, they are able to:

  • Consolidate the range of academic services available to external partners (businesses and other organizations)
  • Provide businesses with easier access to the facilities and skills on offer at over 1000 research centers

When you put energy
into a system,
that changes its state.

And if it’s in the right direction…
backed by science…
and with a little luck…
then things can change for the better,
and they make sense!

In this small part of the world,
best known for uniting mussels and fries,
you’ll find knowledge transfer offices, or KTO
which put researchers from different universities and colleges in touch with businesses.
and then … twang!

You can come up with all sorts of inventions!

Here in Madagascar, a sea cucumber farm
becomes a source of revenue
for local people.

Looking at nature’s defense mechanisms
and developing ways to reduce the use of pesticides.

Offering new and tasty food ideas (which have already made their way into retail stores)
Planning for sustainable agriculture.

In cities, developing facilities to grow above,
or upside down, in space.

In short, it’s all about developing local food systems.

In cities,
developing facilities in which fish
help to grow salads
that are free of petrochemical fertilizers.

Systems to help all producers enjoy access certifications

Just for the sake of bees!
and to pollinate the planet.

Cleaning up soil pollution,
optimizing consumption,
making the most of resources.

To meet tomorrow’s challenges,
researchers from Wallonia and Brussels
are continually developing new ideas…

In the virtual world,
things have no impact…
and can appear or disappear with little consequence.

In the real world,
food has an impact,
an energy cost and influences the future.

And because humans will never be
‘satiated once and for all’
they are necessarily dependent on their planet.

With ideas, energy, and smart thinking,
and by moving in the right direction…
‘Feeding the planet in 2050’
could simply become, for everyone,
a fun thing to do in the kitchen!


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