Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Today I did another voice-over for a Kickstarter project, and it got me thinking about how many of these crowd-funding videos I’ve done. Several of them on Indiegogo as well. It’s an interesting phenomenon, this crowd-funding experience, and every new product/service needs a video to explain how it works. “Explainer videos” are actually one of my favorite genres of voice-over videos. Most of them allow for some of my character and personality to come through, and that’s just fun! Although there have been a few scripts that are written as if they are for late night infommercials (yawn).

Indiegogo Kickstarter

At any rate, these videos are important, useful, and I enjoy being a part of the creative process. I get excited when I’m contacted about doing a voice-over for a new idea, product, or service… I get to learn about something cool and unique before the rest of the world – and get paid for it. You just can’t beat that. 🙂

So… inventors and idea people: Keep inventing and dreaming up cool new ideas!
I’ll be here to help you explain how they work to your newly found funding friends.


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