Mobil 2040 QUIDOS Voice-Over

Another voice-over for Francois Grimonprez and his QUIDOS (paper animation).
This one for Brussels Refreshed, Mobil 2040.  (Translated from French)

Mobil2040 needs your ideas. Enter the competition!

Do you have ideas, dreams or a vision for mobility in 2040?
Enter the competition between March 15 and May 30 2014, win a work placement and Mobility Pack!

The Mobil2040 contest is being launched on the initiative of Brussels Mobility the Regional Public Service for Mobility in Brussels. The goal is to stimulate creative ideas on improving sustainable mobility of people and goods and/or to change our way of thinking about mobility in 2040!

Mobility is not only a technical problem! So contest entries may cover any fields. These include architecture, communication, landscape development, economy and management, social ecology, IT, engineering, marketing, health, and urban planning. Remember, this list is not restrictive!

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