Castrol Labcheck Instructional Video Voice-Over

I just finished up a 12 minute training video voiceover for the Castrol Labcheck Next Generation engine oil analysis program.  All of the training videos are on this page.

Lab Sampling Training – On-Road Vehicle from Castrol Labcheck on Vimeo.



What is Castrol Labcheck Next Generation?
Castrol Labcheck

Castrol Labcheck Next Generation, a state-of-the-art used oil analysis program, helps you manage your fleet more effectively and efficiently. Through ongoing analysis of used oil samples, Castrol Labcheck Next Generation allows you to pinpoint and solve equipment problems by providing a full range of information that can support your operations and maintenance decisions.

Our carefully monitored used oil analysis program helps maintenance managers effectively:

  • Maximize component life
  • Pinpoint problems before failure occurs and reduce downtime and overall operation costs
  • Plan maintenance schedules according to priority
  • Review trends in equipment
  • Establish guidelines for improvement
  • Optimize drain intervals
  • Make thorough and justified resale and purchasing decisions
  • Implement a Severity-Based Maintenance program

By interpreting used oil results, Castrol Labcheck Next Generation helps maintenance professionals effectively reduce down time by avoiding unexpected equipment shutdown and minimizing unplanned maintenance costs.

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