Voice-Overs And Sleep Deprivation

For the past week, I’ve been working with a studio on the east coast (3 hour time difference) and an animator in Europe (9 hour time difference), and a company in my local time zone. Staying in contact with all three and providing them with prompt responses and file delivery has been challenging – but worse, it’s exhausting.

The local company communicates with me between 10am and 6pm, which is perfect, because I’m not an “early morning” person. Being accessible to the studio on the opposite coast requires me to be up and at ’em by 6am, which only lengthens my day by a little bit – not really a huge deal – but did I mention I’m not an “early morning” person? Now, toss the animator across the world into the mix… Let’s just say I’m napping at odd hours now. He usually emails me between 12am and 6am. Of course, I want to get back to him quickly, not make him wait 8 hours for an answer – so I stay awake as late as I can.

All of this can make it difficult to perform well when needed, however. The last thing I want to do is provide a sub-par voice-over performance. So, caffeine… I like having multiple projects all at once like this; it keeps my mind busy, and my morale up. And when you can go several days without a voice-over, you don’t complain when you get three at the same time – all of them, of course, needing theirs done ASAP.

Where am I going with this you ask? I’m not sure… Did I mention I’m tired and haven’t slept much this past week?

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