DIY Remote Power Switch for Studio Computer

The story behind this project is that I had to move my computer out of my studio because I was picking up to much noise from the cooling fans and power supply in my headphones.  Not much of it was coming through in my recordings, but I wanted the quietest environment possible.

I placed my computer in the hall closet outside of my studio and ran all of the cables and wiring into the room and hooked all of the peripherals up.  The result was absolute silence – and I rejoiced.  However…  Now I had to remember to open the hall closet and turn on the computer before sitting down at my desk to get started recording.

It dawned on me that the power switch on PC’s is just a momentary switch, so I figured, “why not run a remote switch into the studio?”   And there you have it.  I have extensive computer hardware knowledge and a lot of experience with electronics, so this was an easy task for me.  If you aren’t confident in your soldering skills, you might ask a friend to help.

Momentary Push Button Switch

Essentially, all you need is a momentary switch and a good length of two-conductor wire.  Both can be picked up at a Radio Shack (how long ago did I write this??) or other electronics store.  I found the switch I wanted at Fry’s Electronics.  The wire can be speaker wire if you wish, as the gauge of wire the computer uses for its own power switch is very small.

Watch the video for the full installation.  It’s quite simple, inexpensive, and extremely helpful if you have a home studio and would like to relocate your computer to get rid of a little more background noise.   Enjoy! 🙂

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