DIY Mic GOBO, Shield, MudGuard for $10

I’ve seen mic GOBOs (sound shields) for sale at $100 or more and happened to find a couple of items at Walmart to make one for only $10. It only took 15 minutes and a pair of pliers. 😉

Now, the store-bought Mic GOBOs (shields, isolators, or mudguards) are much higher quality and have thicker, denser sound foam – but this is a quick, cheap, and dirty way to put one together if you’re in a pinch. The other large advantage of the store-bought GOBOs is that they have secure mounting methods built right into the design. This DIY method doesn’t, mainly because I planned to use it for a couple different mic stands and couldn’t configure a permanent mounting method that works across them. So, cheesy as it may be, I wound up using wire-ties to hold mine onto my mic stand.

You’ll find the items you need in the “hardware” section of your local Walmart.  I’ve included links to the necessary parts below, so you can familiarize yourself with what you’ll be looking for.


Walmart’s price for the foam has gone up a bit and the paint grids seem hard to find in-store for some folks.  So I’ve added links to similar parts at

Paint Grids
Paint Grids
A/C Foam
Air Conditioning Foam Insulation
Acoustic Foam (better)
Acoustic Sound Foam Tiles

Parts at Walmart:

How to combine the Paint Grids:

I didn’t video or photograph this part of the process, so I put together this diagram in Photoshop. Hope it fills in the visual gaps.

What adhesive did you use to secure the foam?

I used 3M spray adhesive. I sprayed a little on the metal grid and a good amount on the back of the foam. Then waited a few minutes for it to get “tacky”, then applied pressure on the foam against the grid for about a minute.

How did you bend it in a semi-circle?

I had a subwoofer tube sitting in the garage that was about the size I was looking for, so I pressed the grid(s) down against the tube and slowly “rolled” the grid into a roundish shape. You could use any large round object, or just wing it!

How do you mount this thing??

That’s a good question, and people ask it a lot! Originally, I used plastic wire-ties because I couldn’t come up with a permanent solution. If you have scrap metal brackets/braces in your garage like I do, you can use car stereo back-strapping and some bolts and nuts, maybe a small U-bolt to go around your mic stand. Or heavy-duty clips of some kind. I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t really have a mounting method for you, so you’ll have to be creative. Sorry about that. 😛

I hope you find this helpful, and I’d love to hear your feedback!

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  1. Exactly what I was looking for, regards for putting up. “Every failure is a step to success…” by William Whewell.

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