Skittles VO – Mix The Rainbow

Yet another voice-over with my friends at F# Studios. They must do ALL of the Spotify ads! ūüėČ So,¬†Skittles has this website where you can adjust how much of each music genre you like, and they’ll design a custom playlist for you. ¬†Pretty cool, eh? ¬†Check it¬†out by clicking the image below. “Mix The Rainbow” […]

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ADIB Dubai Shopping Festival

Voice-over for Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) commercial for the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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Emirates NBD Fitness App Voice-Over

I just finished up a voice-over for Emirates NBD Bank – for a fitness app on Apple Watch (and possibly Android as well?). ¬†I’m not sure of all the details and haven’t seen the finished product video yet, but when I get a copy or a link to it, I’ll be sure to update this […]

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Samsung Level U Voice-Over

Once again, my friends at F# Studios had some Spotify ads for me to voice – this time for Samsung Level U headphones. ¬†People that listen to Spotify have to be getting sick of my voice by now. ūüėČ I haven’t heard the finished audio for this voice-over yet. ¬†But I’ll upload it¬†if I ever […]

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Hyatt Regency Voice-Overs

It’s¬†good not to be home. Finished up this week with a couple of spots for Hyatt Regency. ¬†These were really enjoyable, as I got to work with my friends at F# again and the scripts let me be myself. In one spot, I’m just kind of talking in my natural voice… explaining¬†how awesome and relaxing […]

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