Added KRK Rokit Monitors to the Voice Studio

While there was nothing wrong with the PolkAudio monitors I had been using for years (in fact they sound great for final playback), I heard a pair of these KRK Rokit monitors at a friend’s voice-over studio and fell in love with them. Found this pretty blue pair of RP6 G2’s at Guitar Center a little while ago and they sound amazing. I can definitely hear everything in my mix now, and holy cow do these things have some power! 🙂

I’m also trying to make the switch from Adobe Audition to PreSonus Studio Live… although Audition is much more straight-forward and easier to work with for single mono voice-over tracks. Studio Live has some neat stuff in it and will be great for multi-track projects that I play guitar and sing on, however there appears to be a bit of learning and practice ahead to get the most out of it.

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Homemade Carl’s Jr. Commercial

I totally forgot about my homemade Carl’s Jr. commercial that I did with my Droid Bionic last summer! This was kind of fun…

I was about to dig in to my lunch, and thought, there are never any commercials about onion rings, or fries… the “side orders” are important too. So I threw this little thing together and did the voice-over as well. A way to spend a lazy summer afternoon I guess. 🙂

Oh yeah…  I shared this video on my facebook page when I made it last year, and Carl’s Jr. saw it and sent me some free $6 Burger coupons. Can’t beat that!