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It’s been a year and a half since the first Volt Buckle demo video… and a lot has happened since then.

My friends at CBS Maxpreps usually have me do voice-overs for their videos, however they saw some of my video editing skills and asked if I’d be interested in producing a video for them. Of course, I took on the challenge and used my new Parallax photo animation skills along with some nice screen transitions and a multitrack audio mixdown. … Continue reading

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While there was nothing wrong with the PolkAudio monitors I had been using for years (in fact they sound great for final playback), I heard a pair of these KRK Rokit monitors at a friend’s voice-over studio and fell in love with them. Continue reading

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I totally forgot about my homemade Carl’s Jr. commercial that I did with my Droid Bionic last summer! This was kind of fun… I was about to dig in to my lunch, and thought, there are never any commercials about onion rings, or fries… the “side orders” are important too. So I threw this little thing together and did the voice-over … Continue reading

What have I been up to lately?   Well….  I’ve been working on a movie trailer for an awesome Alfred Hitchcock type movie called “Vendetta” written by Sharon Whetstone and directed by John Fasano and it’s almost finished! This is going to be huge!! John Grove is doing the voice-over, as he has the perfect voice for this kind of movie, and … Continue reading

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