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I just finished up a 12 minute training video voiceover for the Castrol Labcheck Next Generation engine oil analysis program.  All of the training videos are on this page. Lab Sampling Training – On-Road Vehicle from Castrol Labcheck on Vimeo.  

It’s been a year and a half since the first Volt Buckle demo video… and a lot has happened since then.

My friends at CBS Maxpreps usually have me do voice-overs for their videos, however they saw some of my video editing skills and asked if I’d be interested in producing a video for them. Of course, I took on the challenge and used my new Parallax photo animation skills along with some nice screen transitions and a multitrack audio mixdown. … Continue reading

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The great folks at Control Solutions, Inc. have had me do voice-over work for them in the past and I love working with them. This week, I recorded new IVR (Interactive Voice Response) voice prompts for their customer service phone system. A fairly quick and easy job, and enjoyable as well. “Press 3 if you’d like a pizza while you … Continue reading

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I was contacted by Chad at Sonix Studio and hired to do a voice-over for one of their clients who is developing a really cool new app for their business.  All I can tell you so far, is that the company is RoomConex and they provide the first Virtual Concierge service for the hotel industry.