I totally forgot about my homemade Carl’s Jr. commercial that I did with my Droid Bionic last summer! This was kind of fun…

I was about to dig in to my lunch, and thought, there are never any commercials about onion rings, or fries… the “side orders” are important too. So I threw this little thing together and did the voice-over as well. A way to spend a lazy summer afternoon I guess. 🙂

Oh yeah…  I shared this video on my facebook page when I made it last year, and Carl’s Jr. saw it and sent me some free $6 Burger coupons. Can’t beat that!


Some folks are stuck on the part where I say to “pinch the end rails together” to connect the two paint grids. I put together a quick Photoshop diagram that I hope helps clear up the confusion. The only other alternative at this point would be to go buy the materials again and shoot every step of the process from start to finish this time. 😛

Who knows… maybe I will if I get time! Here’s the page:

Paint Grids
Acoustic Sound Foam Tiles
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It was like Christmas in April this week.
More goodies coming soon! 🙂
Presonus AudioBox 22VSLPreSonus AudioBox 22VSL

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Vendetta Movie Poster

What have I been up to lately?   Well….  I’ve been working on a movie trailer for an awesome Alfred Hitchcock type movie called “Vendetta” written by Sharon Whetstone and directed by John Fasano and it’s almost finished! This is going to be huge!!

John Grove is doing the voice-over, as he has the perfect voice for this kind of movie, and I’m doing all of the video editing, music, and sound effects.   Check out the cast and crew and stay tuned!




My view of the video editing timeline (Adobe Premiere):
Vendetta Trailer Project

The final promo trailer:

Check out the movie website for Vendetta here:  www.vendettamovie.com.

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Today I decided to put together some ominous music and sound effects to create what could ultimately be used for a scary movie trailer.  This was fun!

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