Voice-Over for Cal State Northridge Film

I had almost forgotten that the Media Entertainment Guild at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) asked me to do a radio talkshow host voice for their short film called “Project Stars”… or is it “Burning Eyes”? I’m not sure. Actually, I’m not even sure I understand the plot, but it’s always fun to help college […]

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Voice-over for Dollars.com Web Video

Helping Dollars.com explain their digital loyalty program. I’m anxiously waiting for their website to go live and to see this app in action!  

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DIY Mic GOBO, Shield, MudGuard for $10

I’ve seen mic GOBOs (sound shields) for sale at $100 or more and happened to find a couple of items at Walmart to make one for only $10. It only took 15 minutes and a pair of pliers. 😉

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Voice-over for the “Versatile Lift” Product Demo

A local business came up with this interesting product and asked me to provide the informational voice-over for it. The videos purpose is to entice investors to get the product to market. The video can be seen here.

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