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I had almost forgotten that the Media Entertainment Guild at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) asked me to do a radio talkshow host voice for their short film called “Project Stars”… or is it “Burning Eyes”? I’m not sure. Actually, I’m not even sure I understand the plot, but it’s always fun to help college students with their media projects.

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The story behind this project is that I had to move my computer out of my studio because I was picking up to much noise from the cooling fans and power supply in my headphones.  Not much of it was coming through in my recordings, but I wanted the quietest environment possible.

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I had read on a number of audio forums that swapping the factory vacuum tube in the PreSonus TubePre with a vintage USA made tube would improve the sound quality, more specifically making it much warmer. So I did the research to find out how to dismantle my TubePre, and looked at the specs to find out the exact size … Continue reading

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Helping explain their digital loyalty program. I’m anxiously waiting for their website to go live and to see this app in action!  

I’ve seen mic GOBOs (sound shields) for sale at $100 or more and happened to find a couple of items at Walmart to make one for only $10. It only took 15 minutes and a pair of pliers. 😉