QUIDOS Voiceover – Pikanote: A hand to success

Pikanote Platform that allows students to takes notes and to share them with their classmates. You like it? https://www.facebook.com/Pikanote?ref=hl Or you love it? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pikanote-a-hand-to-success/

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HIPPEROS: The Perfect Chip Song (voice-over)

Another brilliant QUIDOS animation by Francois Grimonprez. This one, for HIPPEROS, “High Performance Parallel Embedded Real-time Operating Systems”. I always appreciate when I get to be part of these explainer videos. The script (translated from French):

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Explainer Video Voice-Over Demo

Why just listen to a voice-over demo, when you can watch one? Here are a handful of “Explainer Videos” (and product videos) in one quick video demo.

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Mobil 2040 QUIDOS Voice-Over

Another voice-over for Francois Grimonprez and his QUIDOS (paper animation). This one for Brussels Refreshed, Mobil 2040.  (Translated from French) Mobil2040 needs your ideas. Enter the competition!

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Voice-Over for RoomConex App Video

I was contacted by Chad at Sonix Studio and hired to do a voice-over for one of their clients who is developing a really cool new app for their business.  All I can tell you so far, is that the company is RoomConex and they provide the first Virtual Concierge service for the hotel industry.

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