Voice-Over Auditions – Rinse and Repeat

February has been oddly quiet thus far… Other than a 2 hour training video that I am scheduled to voice at month’s end, the incoming voice-over requests have been slow. 🙁

So what do you do when voice work doesn’t come to you?  Go find it!  I’ve been keeping myself busy, busy, busy with auditions on a few different voice sites, but man is it competitive out there!  Last week I was shortlisted on 5 of 8 auditions I did at one site (all had 50-100 other voice peeps auditioning on them) so I was feeling pretty good about my chances.  But I think the deadline has passed for all but one of them and I haven’t heard anything.  hmmmm.  Close, but not close enough?

Anyone out there looking to get into the wonderful competitive world of voice-overs?  This is what you have to look forward to.  Auditions… lots and lots of them.  The last couple gigs I got just fell in my lap though… The client just found me on the web and said, “I like how you sounded at XX seconds on your demo.  How much?”  I need more of those this month. 😉

Update: And the month just got better! Nailed 2 auditions. 🙂

Dave Eric Smith

Dave Eric Smith

Male Voice-Over Talent in the Sacramento, California area. My radio and TV delivery style has been called "the guy-next-door", friendly, fun, sincere, enthusiastic... yet authoritative. I also love doing character voices for animations.

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