Top Profile Result on The Voice Realm via Google!

Wow!  I’ve worked my way up to the top result at “The Voice Realm“!  Just searching for “The Voice Realm” (without quotes) at Google and hovered over the first result and was surprised, and pleased, to see my profile in the preview! 🙂

Perhaps a large number of potential clients are viewing my profile and listening to my voice demos?  Hopefully a good sign!

The Voice Realm is a really cool site that works totally different than and Voice123.  Primarily because they don’t have tens of thousands of voice talents paying several hundred dollars a year just for the privilege of being a member.  And, you don’t feel like you are trying to win the lottery when you submit an audition for a voice job (usually competing against a couple hundred other voice actors).  No… The Voice Realm hand selected a limited number of voice actors that they felt were the most professional, and there aren’t open audition calls – or membership fees!

But I digress…  Lets get back to how awesome it is to be listed first under their name on Google. 🙂

Update: And… it’s gone.

Dave Eric Smith

Dave Eric Smith

Male Voice-Over Talent in the Sacramento, California area. My radio and TV delivery style has been called "the guy-next-door", friendly, fun, sincere, enthusiastic... yet authoritative. I also love doing character voices for animations.

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